Hey, I’m Timo!

I’m a Multimedia Producer from the beautiful city of Kiel in the north of Germany. I recently started this project One Moment In Time (-> TIMO) to fullfil my dreams and  make a living with things I enjoy and that is art, design and technologies in symbiosis. Because life is too short I don’t only wanna dream but emphasize each moment to be happy.

I love to travel and I like to explore new countries and cultures. After working for over 3 years in sales & marketing for a digital- and screen printing company. I decided to travel the world, which I did for about 6 years (New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, India, southeast Asia…). I’m a person with many interests.

A few things I like to do in my free time are playing basketball, drawing, designing, reading, cyclinig, riding on my skateboard, go swimming or practice with my firestaffs.

I’m a passionate hobby photographer, video editor, graphic-, sound- and webdesigner. My aim is to create unique art and design concepts in combination with the use of modern technology. My focus interest point lies in the love for the detail, the creation of dynamics and harmony in my artforms. I’m continuously working on improving my skills and chasing my dreams.

Workfields: 3D, Animation, Corporate Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Sound Design, Video Editing & Webdesign.

I found my passion for Photography grow during my travels in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Since I got my first DSLR in 2011 I got more and more into photography. I tried to developed an eye for the right perspective as well as the intuition for the right moment. A selected choice of my work you can find in my Portfolio! My favorite Styles are Landscape, Portrait, Long Exposure and Compositions


I’m highly interested in discovering and learning new technologies to use them as a tool for creating different styles and artforms.